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Podium Steps 2000 - (formerly the Podium Mk3)
2m working platform height (reach 4m) from £616 +vat

All Aluminium construction.

The steps are made to the highest specifications under an ISO 9001 quality assurance system and conform to all current regulations.

Weight 43kg
Platform Heights 2m or 1750
Overall Height 3m
Overall Length 1.3m
Overall Width 0.9
* Components include 1 x 2m folding frame, 1 x Aluminium platform deck, 1 x Diagonal Brace and 1 x Ladder.
* Made under ISO9001 quality assurance system provides a safe anti-slip platform deck offering 360 degrees work area.
* 125 DIA Nythane anti-slip castor 200Kg S.W.L. 1+D1004
* Deeper Back Section which adds stability
* All aluminium anti-slip podium decks making this unit ideal for areas where wooden components are now forbidden the London Underground
* Maintains the required guardrail height of 1m above the platform at all 5 platform heights
* Folds flat for ease of handling and transportation
* Incline ladder
* Easy to operate gate locking hook
* A safer alternative to builders steps

The Podium 2000 comes equipped with Standard Stabilisers.

£ +vat
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