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Work at Height Supplement

Interlink Alloy Systems Limited are the inventors and manufacturers of the original Podium Steps which provided the first real safe alternative to builders steps. The latter have rapidly become virtually redundant with the advent of the new Working at Height proposals and pressure from increased employee liability insurance costs. Interlink has developed a family of three heights of Podium Steps which have been astonishingly successful with thousands of units now in the field, and have become the accepted standard for the industry. Podium Steps allow individual workers to have their own personal access platform and work at a range of heights in a full 360 degree circle with guard rails all the way round. As the emphasis on safety has become more important with these new proposals by the Health and Safety Executive, Interlink has attempted to remain one step ahead of existing and potential regulations and provide the best advice and equipment to their customers, enabling them to work safely at heights at all times. Formed in 1987, Interlink, who are ISO9001 quality assurance registered, offers a complete range of aluminium access towers, Fold-Easy folding towers and the Stairdeck with its patented opening frame for staircase applications. With a substantial special access products business, they have a library of over 1000 special application schemes such as cantilever, escalator and bridging units. They can survey sites and produce scheme drawings and quotations for most special applications, if requested. With this range of equipment and services, there is no reason for customers to use unsafe access methods or equipment. Director Brian Piercy said ¿...we are constantly aware of the need for our customers to be provided with the most up to date advice and equipment to meet the challenge of safe working at heights and make a contribution to reduced injuries and death. We welcome the latest regulations when they are introduced. 11 November 2004



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